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Vehicle Service Protection

Most of Vroom's vehicles are still covered under their original manufacturer's warranty, but the coverage may be limited. Vroom's Vehicle Service Protection (VSP) product helps protect you in the event of unexpected expenses.

Plan highlights

Coverage options up to 10 years or 120,000 miles for mechanical repairs, including parts and labor1

Pay nothing on covered repairs other than the selected deductible (per occurrence)

Nationwide service available at your local franchised dealership or ASE-certified mechanic

24-hour roadside assistance with enhanced benefits such as: battery service, flat tire assistance, fuel, fluid delivery, and lockout assistance

What's covered?2
manufacturer warranty
Vehicle Service Protection
drive axle
additional mechanical repairs
roadside assistance
use your local service provider
transferable and refundable
towing reimbursement
rental car reimbursement
trip interruption coverage
gap protection example
2016 BMW 3 Series

Amount owed on your car


Insurance payout


Amount still owed (GAP)


Vroom's Guaranteed Asset Protection

If your vehicle is ever declared a total loss due to an accident, theft or natural disaster, your insurance company might only reimburse you for their assessed market value of the vehicle, leaving you to pay the balance or "gap".

What's covered?

Vroom’s Guaranteed Asset Protection (GAP) covers the difference between your primary insurance settlement and the outstanding balance on your vehicle's financing, subject to the terms and conditions of the program.3

Waives covered losses up to $50,000

May include coverage for your insurance deductible, up to $1,000

Available on amounts financed up to 150% of your vehicle’s MSRP, up to $150K

Tire & Wheel Protection

Maintain your momentum.

Because the softest parts of your vehicle have the hardest job, we offer Vroom Protect Tire & Wheel Protection. It gives you the extra protection you need from road hazards such as metal, nails, glass, debris, or potholes with benefits including:

Tires and wheels repaired or replaced if structurally damaged due to a covered road hazard

Towing expenses reimbursed up to $100 in the event of the covered damage

No deductible

No limit on the number of claims

Complimentary Coverage

Know that you’re protected from unexpected mechanical breakdown expenses and road hazards with our complimentary 90-Day Limited Warranty and 1-Year Roadside Assistance.4

included standard

90-Day limited warranty

The limited warranty helps to minimize unexpected costs associated with mechanical breakdown, repairs, parts, and labor.5

Covers unexpected costs due to mechanical breakdown repairs such as parts and labor

Protection for 3 months / 6,000 miles, whichever comes first

Only a $50 deductible per occurrence

included standard

1-year roadside assistance

24-hour emergency assistance to help you prepare for the unexpected. We offer help 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Towing, flat tire, oil, fluid, water, fuel delivery, battery, and lock-out assistance

Up to $600 in emergency travel expense reimbursement6

No deductible